11/21/06 TV Shows Released on DVD this week

The week of 11/21/06 Has a new bunch of great TV series released to DVD. Check them out and see if you can find any of your favorite shows.

November 21

Ali G Show, Da (US)   Da Complete Seereez   buy
Alias   Complete 5th Season   buy
    The Complete Series (Limited Edition)   buy
Boston Legal   The Complete 2nd Season   buy
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist   Season 2   buy
Family Affair   Season 2   buy
Get Smart   The Complete Series   buy
How I Met Your Mother   Season 1   buy
Kenny vs. Spenny   Season 2   buy
Match Game 73   Best of Match Game   buy
Mother and Son   Season 1   buy
Perry Mason   The 1st Season - Volume 2   buy
Seinfeld   Vol 6 - Season 7   buy
So noTORIous   The Complete 1st Season   buy
Star Trek: Animated   Complete Series   buy



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