Dinner and a Movie: Will it be the death of Netflix?

Well with this weeks annual trips to families houses far and wide for Thanksgiving celebration coming. I thought that I might write about something video related that you might or might not be aware of. See the bottom of this post for codes to get a movie for free on this holiday weekend.

redbox2 Redbox1

So imagine this your loading up the family for a wondrous 6-8 hour drive to the annual meeting with family at Grandma's house. Your looking forward to some quality time with the spouse and some quite time from the kids. How's that going to be you ask? Well if you live in a area that has a Redbox video kiosk then you already know the answer. Of course this is assuming that and the fact that you have the ability to put in a DVD in your car to play for that long and wondrous trip. And with the price of portable DVD players now more reasonable alot of folks do.

If you haven't heard of Redbox I am betting you will very soon. It is a relative new comer to the DVD rental scene but it has a fairly good chance of not only staying for good but even succeeding in bumping out the older more traditional sources for DVD rentals like Blockbuster Video and the more recent hit success Netflix.
One reason I believe this to be the case is the fact that Redbox is a subsidiary of the famously popular food chain which first started hosting its kiosk's Mc Donald's. Though Redbox was started as a solely owned subsidiary in 2003. In December 2005 Coinstar, Inc. bought a little less the 50% stake in the company. Redbox has to date only rented 10 Million DVD's (small potatoes compared to Netflix's Over 1 Billion DVD's) I believe that with over 13,000 Mc Donald's in the U.S. that number will grow very quickly. We are talking about the folks who for years had on each and every one of their store locations the millions then billions of hamburgers sold sign.

This company has a pretty cool website. And now you can not only check to see what movies are available at each location that you might want to go to but if the title you want is there you can rent it online and reserve it to pick it up more at your leisure. And if you have a code to enter for a free video rental you can also do this online and then get your movie rental for free. You still have to use a credit card of course so that if you do not return the movie the next day that you can be charged for it.

With Redbox locations no longer limited to just your local Mc Donald's you can bet that not only can you rent a movie to take along for that annual trip to Grandma's house this week but chances are once you get near her house you will be able to return it as well and pickup a different movie to watch when there are not any good Football games on this weekend. You can now find Redbox at select supermarkets and soon you will be able to also find them at Walgreen's.

Used to be you could go to the Redbox website and see their various locations but since they have grow so much that is not possible anymore. Now they have a kiosk locator in which you put in your zip code and it tells you where the nearest locations are.

Here are the main market cities currently for them:

Baltimore/D.C. Denver Hartford/MA/NY Houston Las Vegas Salt Lake City St. Louis Twin Cities

And here is a weeks worth of various codes that have been used with success in the various market cities. Some work better than others in certain locations. For a more up-to-date list or a breakdown by market please visit this site.

Code Last Used Purpose
98% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
TURKEY 96% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
PAPERBOY 95% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
BREAKROOM 94% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
DVDONME 92% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
COINSTAR 91% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
MCD06 82% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
RAVENS 82% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
SMITHS2006 82% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental
89131 60% 11/19/06 (Sun) Free DVD Rental

SNACKQ 50% 11/18/06 (Sat) Free DVD Rental
TREAT 82% 11/17/06 (Fri) Free DVD Rental
VIKINGS 40% 11/17/06 (Fri) Free DVD Rental
HOUSE 36% 11/17/06 (Fri) Free DVD Rental
BBQ 62% 11/16/06 (Thu) Free DVD Rental
FREEDVD 60% 11/16/06 (Thu) Free DVD Rental
MCRIB 55% 11/16/06 (Thu) Free DVD Rental
BILL 48% 11/16/06 (Thu) Free DVD Rental
JERRY 39% 11/16/06 (Thu) Free DVD Rental
BRIAN 61% 11/15/06 (Wed) Free DVD Rental

GREG 57% 11/13/06 (Mon) Free DVD Rental
3UNDER3 45% 11/13/06 (Mon) Free DVD Rental

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